Safety Hutch Inc. began by providing Safety Consulting Services to a major oil sands project in the Fort McMurray area. Since its inception we have shown tremendous growth and now offer several different services to our clients.



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Health Centre, Physician Services, Occupational Health Nurse, Paramedics

Safety Hutch Inc is a company that aims to provide Emergency Response and Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Services for medium to large construction, petrochemical and exploration projects. We have a very strong understanding of the OH&S guidelines as well as WCB, OSHA, CAPP, Return to work programs and safety statistics.

Safety Hutch Inc boasts a team of experienced occupational and emergency response professionals. Our team has managed multiple WCB cases, treated thousands of occupational injuries and non-occupational health issues. In addition to this we have efficiently performed emergency response, administrative functions, coordinating diagnostics, testing and referrals to specialists to ensure the best possible care available for our clients.

We will continue to create teams of Physicians, Registered Nurses and Paramedics to assess and treat injured/ill workers. Our team has a strong understanding of recordable injury rates such as Medical aids, Restricted Work or Lost Time Injuries.

We maintain a strong link with our community partners such as but not limited to: physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, Massage therapy, Diagnostic such as MRI’s Ultrasound, Cat Scans, X-ray, laboratory services and emergency facilities so we can help them understand our goals and needs for superior patient care.

Our strong team of professionals are ready to provide occupational health and emergency services to your project.

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Ambulance & Other Solutions

Safety Hutch Inc can offer the following project based services:

  1. Emergency Medical Services
    • Ambulance Services
    • Advanced Care Paramedics
    • Primary Care Paramedics
  2. Health Services/WCB Case Management
    • Physician Clinics
    • Occupational Health Nurses
    • Registered Nurses
  3. Industrial Fire Brigade
    • Industrial Fire Fighting
    • High Angle Rescue
    • Ice & Swift Water Rescue
    • HazMat Response
    • Confined Space Rescue
    • Vehicle Extrication
  4. Emergency Management

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